Facilitator | Speaker | Educator

of tech-life balance strategies

via immersive tea experiences

& digital habits coaching

What I mean by tech-life balance

We can embrace the advanced technologies that we enjoy every day and utilize them with a mindset of mindfulness that supports our lives rather than depletes.

Do you need help changing the terms of your relationship to social media?

Need to be held accountable in minimizing distractions?

Want to improve your work-from-home setup?

Ready to leave mindless scrolling behind?

What about doom scrolling… want that to stop?

In our work together — whether 1:1 or remote team — we will tailor your unique experiences and needs to strategies that support your growth.


As a coach, I engage with you knowing that ‘you are the expert on you’, and the focus always remains there.

I work 1:1 as well as with teams both virtually and in-person.

We are unique individuals each with experiences that connect us and differentiates from one another, hence there are no one-size-fits-all-solutions.

Together we will work towards eliciting change that is tailored to your unique situation.

As coach, I’m here to hold a container of accountability for your transformation.


Hire me to coach your team in establishing a tech-life balance utilizing strategies from emotional & digital well-being.

Alternatively, I’m booking in-person immersive tea experiences that accompany workshops, retreats, conferences & team building.

Let’s make 2023 the year of reconnection & togetherness.

I look forward to the prospect of working together.

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