When people in your organization experience burnout

I help them slow down and connect—with an immersive tea experience.

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“..The experience is one of quiet bonding and presence. We get to take intentional time to be calm, centered, and connected, and in that, we are open and bonded in the best of ways - with quiet awareness and appreciation for one another and for the moment. My team loves the experience so much that we have Adam come back throughout the year to sit with us. He is pure magic. Adam’s presence sets the tone and permeates the space with a joyful quietude that is both relaxing and uplifting. We all leave the experience feeling reset and nourished. We are so grateful for his supportive presence!!”

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Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Family Co.

Tea experiences offer your team the revitalizing nourishment of immediate, wordless presence — in an intentionally screen free zone.

“Adam brought his immersive tea experience to the IDEO San Francisco office on a peaceful afternoon, in between my continuous screen time. It is such a meditative moment that softly invites me to jump out of the digital world and create a new spectrum to my day-to-day. Thank you Adam for sharing your thoughts and exploration of the tea experience and your passion for the culture.”

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Ziyuan 'Zoey' Zhu, Software Designer, IDEO


Hi, I’m Adam, a former UX designer turned facilitator of immersive tea experiences for workplace wellness. I bring 15 years of Chinese tea culture studies to organizations like IDEO, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Bruce Lee Family Companies and more.

Contact me to facilitate a tea experience for your team today.

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“We’re a busy landscape design office! And the downside to our general busyness is that we sometimes forget to take the time to be present and tranquil together as a team. I commissioned a tea ceremony with Adam not exactly knowing what to expect, but what an experience! The journey sits peacefully somewhere between a group meditation, slow conversation and a thoughtful discussion of history, our human senses and tea. Adam’s kindness, knowledge and focus guided us through a peaceful shared experience that required we be present and undistracted, and in doing so, stitched us that much more tightly as a team of shared values.“

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David Godshall, Founder - Terremoto LA

Contact for rates.

Plan at least 60 minutes for a session.

Limited to 12 participants per session.

For larger groups, plan for multiple sessions.

certified digital wellness educator - digital wellness institute

“Adam's tea ceremony for our event was exquisite. It was not only a beautiful aesthetic experience, but also a deeply bonding one for all the participants—and the state that everyone was left in (after many cups of incredible tea) was truly the perfect combination of relaxed and focused for the event's next activities. I would highly recommend the service for teams, workshops, intentional parties, and any other setting where a unique social and meditative experience is called for.”

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Dave Burns, The Business Monk