Speaking & Workshops

I specialize in:

Digital Wellness

Immersive Tea Ceremonies

Emotional Well-being

Digital Detox

Digital Minimalism

And Mindful UX

I’ve facilitated workshops both in-person and virtual on the topics listed above to thousands of participants and teams from organizations like Bruce Lee, IDEO, Creative Mornings, Techstars, General Assembly, The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, Strangeloop Studios, and more…

Digital Wellness for Remote Teams

Groups will be able to:

• Identify and reflect on their digital habits as a cohesive remote work culture, raise awareness, & better understand fellow co-workers

• Learn the neuroscience basics of digital wellness in response to ‘the attention economy’

• Utilize concrete strategies as individuals in a remote team and commit to outcomes upon completion of workshop

This workshop is constantly being iterated upon, embraces Q&A, and thus is not yet ideal as an asynchronous experience.

Intro to Digital Detox with Tea Rituals

Participants will be able to:

• Understand the fundamentals of terms like Digital Minimalism, Digital Detox, and Tea Culture

• Get a brief modern history lesson in the 2nd most imbibed beverage in the world, Tea

• Enjoy a formal introduction to Gongfu Cha, the profound Chinese tea brewing methodology that promotes slowing down, sitting with purpose, mindful engagement, and the immense benefit of a daily ritual

• Optional tea packages to be sent via post for virtual tea synchronization

What past clients have said

“Adam was fantastic helping us as we thought through how to support our team’s wellbeing while working remotely on very challenging subject matter. Thank you!”

Tom Thorley — Director of Technology, GIFCT

"My sessions with Adam were like pure therapy but with a focus on something I don't feel I can discuss at length with my therapist. An unburdening of all my digital complaints and a safe reveal of my embarrassing thought processes in relation to social media and life in the digital age. I recommend him to anyone needing advice on trying to understand how to navigate this life in a healthier way."

S. W. 1:1 client, NYC

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