Faced with the everyday complexities of digital overwhelm & burnout we default to self-regulating ourselves in an imbalanced relationship to our devices.

What if we turned to the experience of tea as a daily dose of embodies awareness — a digital detox or screen-free break — a refuge amidst the drumbeat of our frenetic modern lives.

Consider for a moment that the path to a more balanced relationship with our devices calls on the ability to pause - disconnect - reflect - experience - to be human.

Tea has taught humanity the wisdom of slowing down & aligning with nature for millennia.

The tea table engages all of our senses and calmly invites us into meaningful shared experiences, apart from screens.

Tea offers us the rare experience of immediate wordless presence in the midst of the city hustle.

Sitting together with tea in this way returns us to ourselves and our senses, mindfully connecting us to self — each other — our surroundings.

Tea is an ancient immersive experience, an original human technology, which helps us modern folk to remember who we are beyond our digital habits and the attendant stresses that take hold of our consciousness.

Facilitated by Adam Yasmin, former UX designer turned certified digital wellness educator - speaker - coach.

Adam brings 15 years of Chinese tea culture studies to virtual + in-person experiences.

He’s privileged to have coached teams at IDEO, Creative Mornings, Bruce Lee Family Companies, GIFCT, General Assembly, and more.

Plan approximately 90 minutes for a tea experience. The session comes with bespoke Chinese & Taiwanese teas as well as teaware to accommodate groups up to 10. For larger groups, plan for multiple sessions.

Each session is priced at $497.


“..The experience is one of quiet bonding and presence. We get to take intentional time to be calm, centered, and connected, and in that, we are open and bonded in the best of ways - with quiet awareness and appreciation for one another and for the moment. My team loves the experience so much that we have Adam come back throughout the year to sit with us. He is pure magic. Adam’s presence sets the tone and permeates the space with a joyful quietude that is both relaxing and uplifting. We all leave the experience feeling reset and nourished. We are so grateful for his supportive presence!!”

— Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Family Co.

“Adam's tea ceremony for our event was exquisite. It was not only a beautiful aesthetic experience, but also a deeply bonding one for all the participants—and the state that everyone was left in (after many cups of incredible tea) was truly the perfect combination of relaxed and focused for the event's next activities. I would highly recommend the service for teams, workshops, intentional parties, and any other setting where a unique social and meditative experience is called for.”

— Dave Burns, The Business Monk

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