Digital Wellness, as defined by the Digital Wellness Institute, is the optimum state of health and wellbeing that each individual using technology is capable of achieving. It’s a practice, always changing, a journey, a kinetic state, and never a destination…

Emotional well-being refers to the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of your emotions, and your ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.

Here are some areas I can assist you with:

• How to slow down, make space for self-care, rest, and daily rituals that inspire you

• Exploring the practicalities of Digital Minimalism (as written by Cal Newport)

• Assessing time well spent across social media, entertainment, and other types of consumable media

• Boundary setting, quiet quitting, never-ending scrolling, managing distractions, seeking validation

• Navigating overwhelm aka doom-scrolling, email overload, and how to utilize auto-responders

• The six realms of emotional well-being:

awareness — notice how we feel while we feel

connection — how relationships support us

clarity — knowing our values

balance — how we behave and act

flexibility — how to recognize different perspectives

resilience — navigating life’s ups and downs

As your coach I will help you set goals that you look forward to, adjust habits that align with your values, create space for slowing down and daily rituals, and keep you accountable as you navigate your journey.

Honest & Transparent pricing

My current rates

$50 for a 30-minute session

$85 for a 60-minute session

If you’d like to adjust the rhythm of meetings or a custom engagement we can discuss.

What past clients have said

“Adam was fantastic helping us as we thought through how to support our team’s wellbeing while working remotely on very challenging subject matter. Thank you!”

Tom Thorley — Director of Technology, GIFCT

"My sessions with Adam were like pure therapy but with a focus on something I don't feel I can discuss at length with my therapist. An unburdening of all my digital complaints and a safe reveal of my embarrassing thought processes in relation to social media and life in the digital age. I recommend him to anyone needing advice on trying to understand how to navigate this life in a healthier way."

Simone — poet & artist, NYC


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